Celtiberia soriana
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Segontia Lanka, Langa de Duero

Getting there

Basis for placing this city in Langa

Taracena placed this city on the Cerro de la Cuesta del Moro, south of the village of Langa and two miles from the Duero, combining the appointment of Strabo that runs alongside the Duero and Sergontia Numantia, and placing Setortia Ptolemy Lacta between cities Arevacos Clunia legal convent, between this city and Vxama of Termes, which together with the legend of currencies "Segontia Lanca" allows you to position along the Duero. It also allows phonetically relate the current Langa old Lanca.


Here archaeological excavations carried out Taracena Blas. In the prospecting work carried out by the archaeologists found remains of a wall not allow him to define the area of ??the city, so he thought it was an open city./p>

According to these studies concluded that there was no housing compact city, but a juxtaposition of isolated hamlets. The houses were of a single plant, would be ready in one room crackled with a base and sometimes had the lower buried or dug into the rock. The heightening of the walls were made ??of masonry or coated with vegetable basketed blanketed with mud. The interior walls were of mud and vegetation with rammed earth on top.

In many buildings were mud weights indicate abundance of domestic looms, weapons, spears, javelins, philum, falarica soliferreum and iron, lead glandes and some swords, a stunted antennae and other La Tene III type , Which demonstrate that a population armed.

We also found many tools for agricultural and forestry work, sickles, and many sunken vessels decorated Celtiberian of radiated domes points and cups painted with animals or geometric patterns, indigenous exchange rate of the rider and an inscription on stone with RETUGENUS name in characters Celtiberian with common ceramic vessels Roman (none of sigillata) and brooches and buckles as well Celtiberian Roman.