Celtiberia soriana
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The first stable settlements

By the seventh century BCE advanced elements or languages of the mountain ridges of the Iberian and Central will be dotted with small settlements, one to two hectares. Giving priority to choose locations castellated and visibility items, usually altitudes between 1,100 and 1,400 m, easily defended and highly visible, dominating the valleys and the natural ways of communication, both of which are reinforced by powerful building walls.

large collective works of these new settlements express an economic decision that has to do with the survival of the group and a social and symbolic, expressing his desire to make the settlement in a conspicuous place the landscape, as a milestone of territoriality and reference for others.

closed nature of these settlements appears consistent with the economic self-sufficiency and self-sufficient, which suggests independence, and despite the impression that produces equal housing registration, the organization Inversio n community work would indicate the existence of a hierarchy of kinship, rank and dignity.

These groups focus on their villages and live the world of his commitment to the future, offering as compensation the invisibility of their dead, and that ritual of burial unknown.