Celtiberia soriana
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San Mateo (Beratón)

San Mateo (Beratón)

Getting there

From Beraton you take the road leading to anonymous Moncayo, through the village cemetery and a little more before we find the sign indicating the ascent of Castro de San Mateo.

Situation and location

This town is situated atop a high hill with rocky outcrops on the eastern side, which serve as defense. Its summit is a long, narrow platform.

You can see remnants of buildings scattered around the hill, noting the collapse of stones that could correspond to old walls.

However, Castro remains Celtiberian mixed with other corresponding to a deserted medieval, that has masked the remains of the oldest occupation, although the handmade pottery of Iron Age type, that surfaces, leaves no doubt that ancient occupation

Contacts and schedule

The road is signposted, the lineup has explanatory and access is free.


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