Celtiberia soriana
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The village and the domestic spaces

The village and the domestic spaces

Some hillforts show their oldest domestic spaces were circular, with stone base and screed studs with vegetation. However, widespread domestic space accommodates a bungalow type of rectangular or square, whose average size ranged from 40 to 50 square meters, although some exceptionally known circular (Zarranzano castro, Cubo de la Sierra).

from a stone base, seated on the ground, walls were built of adobe or rammed earth, preparing the cover one or two waters, supported by a wooden structure resting on a lattice of equally spaced poles.

interior space, topped with dirt floors and walls plastered with mud were differentiated homes and kitchen shelves, mills for processing grain and acorns, which were kept in large jars, and, loom weights two holes, used to produce tissues and bone needles to sew and bronze

The closest common is the thick brown pottery, polished, handmade, decorated the edges, sometimes by strings typed or ungulates, as well as incisions, and provided with wide handles. Also known some scrap metal, coiled ornaments, brooches, bracelet fragments, bronze, iron and a knife.

castro de la Virgen del Castillo of El Royo casting molds were found, along with a baked course, one could say that development of bronze metallurgy, for the realization of small I ornaments and basic instruments, for tips, needles and chisels.