Celtiberia soriana
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El Castillejo (Ventosa de la Sierra)

El Castillejo (Ventosa de la Sierra)

Getting there

The village of Ventosa de la Sierra is located on the road, which links the N-115, which amounts to the Port of Oncala, with the N-111, which leads to Logroño Soria. From Ventosa continue along the road leading to Arevalo de la Sierra and just one kilometer to the right of the road, we see a prominent conical hill (about 700), where the fort.


It was released by Blas Taracena, with subsequent aportacipones M. Fernandez Miranda (1972) and Fernando Romero Carnicero (1991).

Situation and location

Located in a high conical hill, with elevation of 1333 meters, located northeast of the town, which is bounded on the east to other elevations higher elevations of the Sierra del Alba.

The Castro

Summit is circular, about 100 m in diameter and occupying an area of about 5,000-5.500m2, overlooking the river Zarranzano.

Defensive system chronology:

The fort is surrounded by a crumbling wall, which would have a door or access the west side, dating from the V-IV. This hill has undergone many changes as a result of intensive work of slope, made for agricultural packaging.

Contacts and schedule

The road is signposted, the lineup is explanatory and is freely available.


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