Celtiberia soriana
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Excessive defensive systems

Addition to the natural defenses (elevaciony rocky cliffs as the limit of the settlements), were constructed artificial powerful defense systems that were started with the excavation of trench width and depth of variable, used as to remove the stone quarry that was used in the construction of the wall, and only later procediaa building housing units.

solid stone walls and reached at least 2 m wide and 4 m in height. In front of the pit was about one of the most unique deterrent, a dense barrier of sharp stones driven into the ground, which was intended to destabilize the attackers. Some Castro completed his defense with the reinforcement of towers or towers.

work and time investment made to build these powerful defenses do not seem to agree with the minimum size of their domestic environments to protect, giving also the fact that sometimes does not fill the entire inner surface, leaving floor space for the future, which is proof of the will to stay in the communities that inhabit them.

On the other hand, there is archaeological information that shows how town planning in the wall was being built first, as a collective task, as common work that indicates its importance as social cohesion element identification, to make divisive tendencies of family groups.